In daily life, cars have entered thousands of households, people are very comfortable driving cars, but the car will inevitably encounter problems such as tire punctures, air leaks and so on, and also need to regularly replace four tires, this time to master a necessary small skills, such as changing tires, can help you […]

There are generally tips on electronic products that use dry batteries. When not using the appliance for a long time, please remove the battery. The usual explanation is: the dry battery is a chemical battery. When the battery is running low, sometimes some electrolyte will flow out inside the battery. These electrolytes will corrode the […]

The battery voltage or internal resistance of different brands may be different, and the composition of chemical substances may also be different. The same type of specifications but different brands of battery mixing is less harmful, just because the internal resistance of different brands is different, although it will also reduce battery efficiency, but it is […]

Generally, the life of a lithium ion battery can reach several hundred charge and discharge cycles, such statements are often seen in the instructions for batteries and devices. Here, one charge and discharge cycle refers to the process of using the battery power and then refilling it, instead of plugging in the charger and then unplugging […]

New batteries need to be repeated several times to fully charge and discharge to activate it? There are indeed some rechargeable batteries that require similar “activation” work when charge battery. This is the earlier Ni-Cd rechargeable battery and Ni-MH rechargeable battery. These batteries produce a phenomenon called “memory“, which is charged in an incompletely discharged state, which tends to […]

Tips for Proper Battery Maintenance and Care #1 Periodically check the voltage of your batteries. #2 Consider replacing the battery with a new one if you note either of the following conditions: The battery run time drops below about 80% of the original run time. The battery charge time increases significantly. #3 Always follow the […]

IEC Lithium Battery Name Meaning CR123A CR123A is a 2/3A size lithium manganese battery, also called 123.  CR123A is its popular model. Popular models are models named by different countries, regions and even companies,familiar with consumers in certain regions or countries during long-term use. In addition to the popular models, there are also standard models of IEC. The IEC model of the […]

The battery, also known as the secondary battery: can be recharged after discharge to regenerate the active material. For example: Pb-PbO2, Cd-NiOOH, MH-NiOOH, Fe-NiOOH, Zn-AgO, Zn-O2, rechargeable battery etc. Battery   Features Lead acid battery High current discharge performance, wide temperature range, stable performance, low price, easy to recycle. But low mass to volume ratio, short life, pollution in manufacturing process. Ni-Cd battery High current discharge performance, high mass-to-volume ratio capacity; low self-discharge, low cost, long life, good performance at high or low temperature; durable. But the manufacturing process is easy to cause pollution, and recycling is difficult. Ni-MH battery High current discharge performance, high mass to volume ratio, long life. However, the self-discharge is large, the cost is high, and the performance is not good enough at high temperature or low temperature. Zn-AgO battery High current discharge performance, high mass to volume ratio; self-discharge is small.  However, the cost is high, the life is short, and the performance is poor at high temperature or low temperature; Li-Ion Battery High current discharge performance, high mass-to-volume ratio capacity; small self-discharge and long life. But the safety performance is low and the price is high. Battery   Applications Lead acid battery Motorcycle car start; communication, power backup power; railway, electric bicycle, etc. Ni-Cd battery Backup power supply, power system switchgear, power supply, aircraft engine emergency power supply,  power tool power supply, railway locomotive lighting, etc. Ni-MH battery Power supplies for electric toys, mobile phones, laptops, camcorders, and electric vehicles, etc. Zn-AgO battery Emergency power supply for aircraft engines, rockets, missiles, satellites, power supplies on spacecraft […]

Primary battery: active substance consumed to a certain degree, can not be used. For example: Zn-MnO2, Zn-HgO, Zn-AgO, lithium batteries, etc. ♦ Features   ♥ Applications Zn-Mn battery ♦ Ordinary, low price, available in various sizes ♥ Radio, electronic equipment, toys, quartz clocks, etc. Alkaline Zn-Mn battery ♦Can discharge at a large current, good low temperature performance ♥Walkman, electric instrument, toy, razor, etc. need to discharge with a large current Li-SO2 battery ♦Cylindrical-based, suitable for large current discharge, excellent low temperature performance, long life, safety performance is worse than zinc-manganese battery, higher price ♥Night vision viewer, missile ignition, aircraft first aid instructions, cameras, etc. Li-MnO2  battery ♦ Larger specific energy, stable discharge voltage; better storage life; less self-discharge; relatively low price, poor safety of large-capacity high-power battery ♥Electronic watches, calculators, hearing aids, tape recorders, etc., are widely used Li/SOCl2  battery ♦Larger specific energy, stable discharge voltage; better storage life; less self-discharge; excellent temperature characteristics, poor safety of large-capacity high-power batteries ♥Night vision viewer, missile ignition, aircraft first aid instructions, cameras, etc. Zn/Ag2O battery ♦ Button-type, high specific energy, stable discharge voltage, long life; high cost ♥Small current continuous discharge ultra-small measuring instruments such as electronic watches, calculators, hearing aids, cameras, etc. Zinc air battery ♦Wide capacity range, high specific energy, stable discharge voltage, long life and low price. ♥Electronic watches, hearing aids, navigation lights, railway signals, communication-testers, field surgery lighting, electric toys, electronic instruments.

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